Method for preparing zinc cyanide co-production mixed sulfate by light oil cracking waste residue


  • Inventors: WANG JIAXING
  • Assignees: 汪晋强
  • Publication Date: February 02, 2011
  • Publication Number: CN-101962197-A


The invention relates to the technical field of comprehensive treatment and utilization of light oil cracking waste residue, in particular to a method for preparing zinc cyanide co-production mixed sulfate by the light oil cracking waste residue, and the main technical scheme comprises the following steps: washing the light oil cracking waste residue by zinc sulfate solution with the temperature of 40-60DEG C and the concentration of 5-10 percent, after air pump filtration, putting the waste residue into a reduced pressure distiller, performing low-temperature reduced pressure distillation and cooling to obtain zinc cyanide crystal, and distilling the residual liquid again to obtain the mixed sulfate. The method has not only simple and practicable preparation process and equipment but also low cost, and can remove the effect on the environment and creat products having certain economic value.




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