Method for synthesizing 4-substituted oxazolidinone derivatives simply and efficiently



The invention relates to a method for synthesizing 4-substituted oxazolidinone simply and efficiently. The method comprises the following steps of: protecting amino in diethyl ether, wherein alpha-substituted amino-acid ester serves as a raw material; adding the protective group-containing amino-acid ester into tetrahydrofuran at room temperature; adding sodium borohydride slowly into the mixture to perform a reduction reaction; and after the reaction is finished, neutralizing and extracting so as to obtain the 4-substituted oxazolidinone simply and efficiently. The reaction has only one step, so that the process is simple without cocatalyst alkali; the raw material has low price and is a readily available chemical product; the using amount of the catalyst sodium borohydride is small and the catalytic effect is good; and an organic solvent used in the reaction is easy to recycle, so that the whole reaction process is a clean and high-efficiency process and large-scale industrialized production is facilitated. A single antipode is obtained without racemization of a chiral substrate and products in the reaction process and the aftertreatment process.




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