Touch control reflective display panel and manufacturing method thereof



The invention relates to a touch control reflective display panel which comprises a front base plate, a plurality of scanning lines, a plurality of data lines, a plurality of pixel structures, a plurality of photoinduced components, a plurality of read-out components, a back base plate and a reflective display medium, wherein the front base plate is provided with an inner surface; the scanning lines and the data lines are mutually arranged on the inner surface of the front base plate in an interlacing way; the pixel structures are arranged on the inner surface of the front base plate; each pixel structure is electrically connected with corresponding scanning lines and data lines; the photoinduced components are arranged on the inner surface of the front base plate; each read-out component is electrically connected with the corresponding photoinduced components; the back base plate is opposite to the front base plate; the reflective display medium is sealed between the front base plate and the back base plate; and particularly, each photoinduced component comprises a transparent lower electrode, a photoinduced silica-rich dielectric layer and an upper electrode, wherein the transparent lower electrode is arranged on the inner surface of the front base plate; the photoinduced silica-rich dielectric layer is arranged on the transparent lower electrode; and the upper electrode is arranged on the photoinduced silica-rich dielectric layer.




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