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CN-104496419-A: Ceramic white spirit bottle for accelerating aging patent, CN-104497578-A: 一种低粘度液态硅橡胶及其制备方法 patent, CN-104506406-A: Processing method and equipment for secure data channel patent, CN-104508141-A: Method and system for determining whether individual is in abnormal state patent, CN-104519852-A: 皮肤处理装置及其方法 patent, CN-104522855-A: 插入式风脱水架 patent, CN-104524207-A: 一种治疗结节性红斑的中药颗粒及制备方法 patent, CN-104524821-A: Butterfly-type precipitator patent, CN-104530292-A: Low-temperature-resistant perfluoroether rubber and synthesis method thereof patent, CN-104536937-A: Big data appliance realizing method based on CPU-GPU heterogeneous cluster patent, CN-104543854-A: Slices with potatoes and lotus roots patent, CN-104558689-A: 一种填料组合物及其应用 patent, CN-104558704-A: Rubber composition for treads of prick resistant loading radial tires patent, CN-104573184-A: 高速列车产品元模型构建方法和装置 patent, CN-104598976-A: Ticket selecting system of large-scale performance site patent, CN-104610514-A: 一种改性木质素磺酸盐减水剂及其制备方法 patent, CN-104611431-A: 一种检测纤维蛋白原snp的试剂盒及其方法 patent, CN-104623415-A: Pharmaceutical composition for treating nephropathy and application thereof patent, CN-104628024-A: Mesocrystal powder and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104632270-A: Oscillating impulse type high-energy gas fracturing and heat injection alternating gas-extracting method patent, CN-104639539-A: Method and device for interface calling patent, CN-104649669-A: 及其制备方法 patent, CN-104656214-A: 用于制造光波导-联接装置的成套零件 patent, CN-104662977-A: 一种发送反馈信息的方法、设备和系统 patent, US-5364375-A: Catheter device for the localized introduction and maintenance of pharmaceutical material in the uterine cervix and upper vagina patent, CN-104671829-A: Method for preparing water soluble yellow ceramic glaze patent, CN-104681568-A: 显示装置和包括显示装置的电子设备 patent, CN-104688621-A: Self-foaming cosmetic composition and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104689287-A: Externally applied medicine for treating stings and bites of poisonous insects patent, CN-104692745-A: High-strength high-wear-resisting cement-based material and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104693276-A: Tumor specific target and application thereof in preparing preparation for cellular immunotherapy patent, CN-104699841-A: Method and device for providing list summary information of search results patent, CN-104703501-A: Smart case for mobile phone having recording function patent, CN-104716206-A: 一种提高电池镀减反射膜后不良品返工转换效率的方法 patent, CN-104725356-A: Nitrogen heterocyclic derivatives and application thereof in medicine patent, CN-104725429-A: 的合成及应用 patent, CN-104726658-A: Method for performing heat treatment on nodular iron casting in nodular cast iron production patent, CN-104731070-A: Hidden online monitoring system for marine monitoring equipment patent, CN-104732702-A: Power supply detection and alarm system patent, CN-104741115-A: Method for preparing palladium carbon catalyst patent, CN-104744914-A: Flame Retardant Thermoplastic Resin Composition and Molded Article Including the Same patent, CN-104752644-A: Leading-out insulating protection cover for power battery and power battery module containing same patent, CN-104758939-A: Preparation and application of pH glucose dual sensitive hydrogel patent, CN-104761987-A: Water-based reflective insulation paint patent, CN-104765461-A: Control method and electronic device patent, CN-104768396-A: Method for preparing natural beef flavor patent, CN-104777734-A: Metal-based fixing film and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104780017-A: Data processing method and data processing device patent, CN-104780211-A: 数据同步方法和装置 patent, CN-104780939-A: 用于细胞免疫治疗的方法和组合物 patent, CN-104789222-A: 一种特种能源发光材料及其生产工艺 patent, CN-104789774-A: 一种利用还原与吸附耦合选择性回收水溶液中金的方法 patent, CN-104794207-A: Recommendation system based on cooperation and working method of recommendation system patent, CN-104798203-A: 采用泵送磷光体的基于iii族氮化物的激光二极管的白光源 patent, CN-104804206-A: Method for preparing transparent conducting thin film based on silver nanowire modification patent, CN-104805078-A: 用于高效基因组编辑的rna分子的设计、合成及其应用 patent, CN-104808885-A: 阵列基板及触控显示装置 patent, CN-104811345-A: Internet service dial test method, correlation devices and system patent, CN-104814049-A: Termite preventing traditional Chinese medicine preparation patent, CN-104815022-A: Hair growing and hair care preparation for treating hair loss, preparation method and use method thereof patent, CN-104817161-A: 一种气动生态氧化沟 patent, CN-104817351-A: 一种生态有机肥料 patent, CN-104825883-A: Traditional Chinese medicine prescription for treating rhinitis patent, CN-104826104-A: 一种基于聚乙二醇修饰的脑膜炎多糖结合疫苗的制备方法 patent, CN-104826155-A: 无线控制的具音频播放功能的香薰装置 patent, CN-104836348-A: 电动马达 patent, CN-104838942-A: Guava cuttage seedling method patent, CN-104840470-A: Application of cleistanone O-(1H-tetrazole)ethyl derivative in preparation of antibacterial drugs patent, CN-104866270-A: Display method of display module and electronic equipment patent, CN-104868421-A: 一种可调式母线槽 patent, CN-104879670-A: LED lamp with fan cooling device patent, CN-104888060-A: Traditional Chinese medicine medicament for treating gout patent, CN-104900341-A: Wire outlet seat for copper wire traction patent, CN-104902736-A: Application method of electromagnetic shielding case conductive rubber patent, CN-104914718-A: Injection molding machine rapid-mould-opening self-adjustment control method patent, CN-104916608-A: 半导体器件及其制造方法 patent, CN-104922574-A: 一种心安胶囊及其制备方法 patent, CN-104925856-A: Method for preparing BaTiO3 nanowire through two-step salt melting method patent, CN-104928110-A: 一种柑橘糯米大豆醪酒的酿造方法 patent, CN-104932763-A: Capacitive touch screen having fingerprint recognition function and fingerprint detection method thereof patent, CN-104945113-A: Formula of nutrient soil for nopalxochia patent, CN-104945414-A: 苯并硫杂蒽类衍生物及其制备方法与应用 patent, CN-104945480-A: Polypeptide, detection device comprising polypeptide, and detection kit comprising device patent, CN-104953637-A: 一种供电装置 patent, CN-104961659-A: Method used for reducing foaming agent particle size with aldehyde compound patent, CN-104962503-A: 来自海洋的芽孢杆菌ze01及其产低温淀粉酶的方法 patent, CN-104973571-A: Method for producing synthetic gas taking H2 as main part and carbon nano tube by water-containing tar patent, CN-104978292-A: 用来进行去偏斜控制的方法与装置 patent, CN-104980050-A: 用于开关模式电源的系统和方法 patent, CN-104984038-A: Oral Chinese herb preparation treating post-traumatic brain syndrome and preparing method patent, CN-104984366-A: Gastrointestinal tract contrast agent patent, CN-104996184-A: 一种减轻集装箱运输人参榕叶片黄化脱落的led补光方法 patent, CN-105001733-A: 一种超疏水户外用水性木器涂料及其制备方法 patent, CN-105005682-A: Retrieval method for vertical exploration ionogram patent, CN-105008306-A: Zinc oxide-based sintered object, process for producing same, sputtering target, and transparent conductive film patent, CN-105017489-A: 一种异戊二烯基聚乙氧基醚减水剂及其制备方法 patent, CN-105022693-A: 一种应用程序的性能测试方法及装置 patent, CN-105024930-A: 一种高信号强度的无线路由器 patent, CN-105030768-A: Novel application of 2-(4-(benzo[d]thiazole-2-yl)-2-bromo-6-methoxyphenoxyl) acetic acid patent, CN-105037203-A: 1,3,6-己烷三腈的制备方法 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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